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Service rating 3.0
Prices from $39.95
Deadline 7 days
Refund Policy Yes
Revision Policy Yes

Math is considered to be one of the most complicated disciplines for thousands of students. Completing Calculus, Algebra, Statistics, and other Math-related assignments might appear to be a true challenge for many learners. MyMathGenius is designed to help you with your studies in a fast and easy way. But is My math genius legit? Are there any positive My math genius Reddit reviews? Let’s find out the most up-to-date information about using this service in the ultimate MyMathGenius review.

About MyMathGenius

When I visited the MyMathGenius site for the first time, it looked messy and absolutely unprofessional. It contained loads of obvious information about how complicated Math assignments usually are but didn’t even have an online chat to communicate with the support team.

main page

It seemed to me that their website was developed a decade ago and hadn’t been updated since then. Although it was not customer-friendly, I decided to continue my investigation to determine the real benefits and drawbacks of using the service.

I visited a Solutions Library web page to find out whether there was anything useful to complete my assignment. I expected to discover some guides, instructions, and brilliant work samples on completing various types of academic assignments. However, the MyMathGenius Library appeared to be a total failure. It had a very limited number of solutions. For example, Computational Math contained the one and only solution! As for me, the Solutions Library of the service was completely useless.

 Solutions Library web page

But what about ordering Math assignments on the site? There were no My math genius reviews on the company’s website. Therefore, I decided to search for more MyMathGenius Reddit reviews, as well as explore the feedback of using the service shared by other learners on independent websites.

The reviews on My math genius appeared to be very controversial. Some customers were completely satisfied with their assignments, while others had a totally negative experience. I decided to try using this service and placed an order to complete a simple math assignment for me. Continue reading this My math genius review to open up more details.

Prices, Deadlines and Discounts

The company’s pricing policy is very complicated and unclear. You will never know the final My math genius cost for your assignment before placing the order. To put it short, you will need to download the file with your assignment and get the price calculated by the support manager. The final cost of your order depends on several parameters:

  • Difficulty level. The more complicated your task is, the higher the price is likely to be.
  • A number of questions. The higher the volume of the task you need to complete, the more money you will need to pay.
  • Deadline. The more urgent deadline you choose, the more expensive your assignment will be.
  • Details. If you need step-by-step worked-out solutions, get ready to pay more. Having correct answers only is usually cheaper.
level of details required

Generally, the MyMathGenius pricing looked as follows:


However, the final price for my assignment appeared to be much more expensive. Although it was a simple one, I was forced to pay $145! Therefore, don’t expect to get your assignment done for cheap - the pricing for the company’s services you find on its official webpage doesn’t reflect the real costs you will need to get your tasks done.

Is MyMathGenius Worth It?

I placed an order to get my Math assignment done within a 10-day deadline. After I uploaded my requirements, the service created an account for me automatically. It was possible to track my projects in a personal profile.

personal profile

It is worth mentioning that I waited for 3 hours to get the price for my assignment. Therefore, if you have an urgent deadline, MyMathGenius is surely not a perfect solution. After I paid the entire sum for my order, it was accepted for work.

I received my assignment on time. However, it contained some mistakes! The overall quality of my task was below average, so I requested a refund. The manager calculated that the wrong answers were below 12%, so I was granted a discount for a future order. However, according to my counts, the percentage of mistakes was about 20%. All these made me feel cheated by the service. Now, I believe that all negative MyMathGenius reviews are 100% real.

Terms of Use

According to the MyMathGenius terms of use, you can get a refund if you get a lower grade for your assignment.



The support system of the service is not very handy. The reason is that MyMathGenius didn’t have an online chat for immediate communication with its managers. The only channels of communication were phone and email. However, according to the platform’s rules, all email inquiries proceed within 8 hours. This is incredibly slow if you have some urgent questions.

Final Thoughts

I don’t think that MyMathGenius is a reliable platform for getting your Math assignments done. My assignment contained numerous mistakes. Moreover, the service didn’t give me my money back but offered a 10% discount for the next order. However, I’m not planning to use MyMathGenius in the future. I believe there are many more reliable solutions online.


MyMathGenius is a legit service because the company tried to help me with my assignment. Although the final result was not satisfying, I still got my order completed.

My math genius really works. However, I believe it is not a professional service since my assignment contained many mistakes.

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