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Assignment Expert is a site offering help to students with their study challenges. I naturally wanted to explore it more, especially since this is not a new company, it has been active for over 10 years now, and there are a lot of divisive reviews on the Internet.

The site design didn’t impress me at all, it probably doesn’t look much different from the way it did a decade ago. This would be okay, I guess because it’s the quality of service that matters.

Assignment Expert main page

Nevertheless, when you are dealing with programming and computer experts, as the site claims, you expect something more up-to-date. Besides, judging by numerous Assignment Expert reviews, the company services often come overpriced, so I guess they could have hired someone to improve the looks of their site.


  • Free science answers
  • A wide range of subjects
  • A database with previous answers


  • No clear pricing policy
  • No guarantees
  • Poor papers quality
  • No information about writers

AssignmentExpert PAPER QUALITY

Wait, do they even write papers? If you look at the main page, customers can ask their questions and get free answers from an expert in one of the listed disciplines, which are physics, math, chemistry, programming, English, history, law, political science, and others.

But no, there’s an Examples menu, which makes it clear that you can order a paper here. And clicking Submit took me to the order form, which I filled in to get a paper for my AssignmentExpert review.

Now, I’m not sure whether they have different people answering those questions and writing assignments by experts. There’s also no mention of who these experts are and why they should be trusted. However, the science answers that have been provided in the past seem correct and helpful enough, and there are plenty of AssignmentExpert reviews from satisfied students.

assignmentexpert review order

The paper I received, however, was definitely not written by an assignment expert or even a person with at least a Master’s degree. It was filled with mistakes, both spelling and grammatical, making it difficult to read. Neither was I satisfied by the content of my paper. It was vague, repetitive, and failed to explore the topic.

How Much Does AssignmentExpert Cost?

This will not be the first Assignment Expert review complaining about the pricing policy on the site. Not only is it not clear at first that you can order papers here, but you also won’t find a price list either.

assignment expert pricing

The way it works here is you fill in the order form, providing the details of your paper, as well as choosing the subject, academic level (high school, college, university, or Ph.D.), and setting the deadline you want (there are not even approximate mentions of how soon you can get your paper). After that, you have to wait for a reply with a price quote. In my case, that was three hours, although I’ve seen an Assignment Expert review whose author had to wait for over five hours.

And when you get your price offer, you have no choice but to accept it because who knows how they calculate it for each customer and whether you could reduce it. Besides, students often don’t have all the time in the world to get their papers done, so asking for recalculation may not be an option.

And although in my case the price was moderate, it sure did not correspond to what I got for this money.

AssignmentExpert Guarantees

When I first started looking for any policies or terms and failed to find them both in the top menus and at the bottom of the page, I was afraid my Assignment Expert review would be incomplete. However, I did locate a link on the order form page. Unfortunately, little changed since that discovery. The company still offered no guarantees, and it became clear you can only hope that you get your paper in time.

assignment expert warranty disclaimer

The situation with refunds was not any better, and I learned they were not guaranteed. The company will decide whether it wants to return your money or not. If it weren’t for my review, I would have left the site that very moment without placing an order.

assignment expert review

AssignmentExpert Customer Support

Customer support did not disappoint, meaning that it was as slow and useless as everything else on this reviewed assignmentexpert site. There’s a live chat (which is not very live) and an email address you can use to send your concerns.

Summing Up

I am always surprised when I discover sites like this that seem to be functioning after so many years. There is nothing about Assignment Experts reviews that makes it seem like a reliable writing service, and I had a chance to make sure it isn’t. Why anyone would order a paper here other than to make sure they would get a lousy written mess of an assignment is a mystery to me.


Is legit?
The company seems to be delivering all orders, but considering how there are no guarantees, it’s technically not violating them, even if you get it late or with inaccurate information.
Is a scam?
Although there are some Assignment Expert reviews with such claims, it’s difficult to call a company scam when it does deliver orders. Nevertheless, it’s definitely lying about its writers being professional. There are also claims of the company being Ukrainian and hiring local students as “experts,” and they seem entirely believable.
Is reliable?
Judging from the customer feedback, there is a chance to get an okay paper at a reasonable price, but that chance is not high and not guaranteed by anything, making this service unreliable.

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